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Wholistic WholeCran Intense™ Soft Chews

WholeCran Intense™ Soft Chews, functional soft chews for superior urinary tract support, is a pure, freeze-dried, whole-fruit powder and not a diluted extract! These soft chews come from whole, dried cranberries grown in certified organic cranberry bogs!

* The natural properties of cranberries help to support a healthy urinary tract.

* Loaded with antioxidants, flavanoids, & proanthocynidins, cranberries can also help support healthy teeth and gums. And that means bad breath disappears!

* No fillers, no sugar, no artificial ingredients or additives of any kind!

Available in 2 Sizes:
60 chews - $35.95
120 chews - $65.95

Help your dog's urinary tract health with Wholistic Pet Organics WholeCran Intense™ Soft Chews. An all natural source of antioxidants.

Made in the USA using only the highest quality, organic, USA-sourced ingredients. You will never find by-products, meals, fillers, synthetics, or GMO’s of any kind in Wholistic Pet Organics products.

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