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The Evolution of Charlie Darwin by Beth Duman

Partner with your dog using positive training!

Do you want to learn to train your dog using the gentlest dog-friendly methods? If so, this is the book for you! Trainer and educator Beth Duman takes you step-by-step through training and living with your new dog by chronicling her first year's experience living with a funny little rescued dog. She named him Charles Darwin in hope that he'd evolve into a dog she could enjoy as a personal friend and an ambassador for the use of positive training methods.

In the 37 chapters of this 195 page softcover book, Beth covers all the essentials of building a relationship with your dog and gives many examples and true life stories of success using the described training methods. An especially great book for adopters of rescue dogs!

Lonnie Olson, founder of the Dog Scouts of America, states "Beth will arm you with the tools necessary to take your dog from being just some animal that lives at your address, to being a cherished family member with whom you can communicate and share meaningful experiences. If everyone possessed this "owner's manual for dogs", there would be far fewer dogs tossed out the way Charlie was....Beth has such a wealth of information to share."

Train your dog using compassionate, positive methods that will make your dog a friend for life!

Full Color Version - Signed by Beth & Charlie!

Printed in the USA

Product weight: 24 oz.