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Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

The Slow Feed Bowl is designed to slow rapid eating, promote regular digestion, and prevent bloating & discomfort. The simple obstructions inside of the bowl makes dogs slow down and enjoy their meal.

*Slower eating helps to make your dog feel full.

*Reduces instances of "re-eating".

*Rubberized base to prevent bowl slippage.

*Bacteria Resistant & Dishwasher Safe

Available in 3 Sizes:
-Medium: 8" in diameter & 2" deep - $6.95
-Large: 10" in diameter & 3" deep - $9.95
-Jumbo: 13" in diameter & 3" deep - $11.95

Color Choices:
Blue or Cream

Our tester dog Frankie really likes his Slow Feed Bowl! He liked it so much he ordered one for his friend.

Bowl Size*