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Silly Dog Magnets in 40 Breeds

What a fun way to brighten your fridge, desk, or car! The Silly Dog Magnets are bright, colorful, & make a great gift for yourself or a friend. The magnets are made by the artist who created the whimsical dog designs and are available in 40+ different breeds & Silly Cats too!

* Each set contains 6 magnets.

* Magnets measure 1.5" in diameter.

* Sturdy construction!

Available in 50 different breeds:
*Basset Hound *Beagle *Bischon *Boston Terrier
*Boxer *Brittney Spaniel *Brussels Griffon
*Bull Terrier *Cairn Terrier *Chihuahua
*Chinese Crested *Cocker Spaniel
*Dalmatian *Doberman *English Bulldog
*English Cocker Spaniel *Fox Terrier
*French Bulldog *Great Dane
*German Shorthair Pointer *Ibizan Hound
*Italian Greyhound *Jack Russell
*Labrador Retriever *Min Pin *Papillon
*Pit Bull *Pomeranian *Pug
*Pointing Griffon *Poodle *Rotweiller
*Schnauzer *Scottish Terrier *Silky Terrier
*St. Bernard *Pekingese *Weimreiner
*West Highland Terrier *Wheaten Terrier *Yorkie

Click on View Image Gallery to see 18 Dog Breeds - Other Pictures Coming Soon!

Made in the USA