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Pill Buddy Naturals

Pill Buddy Naturals makes pill time a rewarding and easy experience for you and your pet. Pill Buddy Naturals will accommodate almost any size pill or capsule intended for dogs - simply push, squeeze and feed.

* Prevents your dog from biting into bitter tasting medicine and spitting it out.

* "Marinated" in Nature's Sauce, an exclusive blend of natural ingredients that provides a unique surface for the treat to be swallowed whole.

* Wrapped in pairs to preserve freshness and functionality and prevent drying and cracking.

* All natural, no wheat, corn or soy & contains no harsh ingredients such as flavored chemical sprays.

* After your dog finishes its medication, can continue to be fed as a delicious chewy treat.

Available in 2 Flavors:
Chicken & Allergy Free Duck

Made in Canada

Best By Date of Sale Pill Buddies 10/17

Flavor Choice*
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