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Petrol Fuel for Dogs

Like Vitamin water for humans, Petrol Fuel for Dogs is a healthy, hydrating treat for dogs. Petrol brings the evolution of hydration to dog owners who care for their cherished four-legged family members health! Formulated in consultation with a veterinary nutritionist, Petrol fills your dog’s tank with vitamins, nutrients and all-natural flavoring that hydrate nutritiously.

* Petrol is a healthy, hydrating treat for dogs developed by a veterinary nutritionist.

* A vitamin-enhanced hydrating water with B1, B2 & B6.

* Only 8 calories per 12 oz. bottle.

* Provides palate-pleasing flavor & added nutrients beneficial for canine health.

* Dogs lap it up 4-1 over regular water.

* Great to encourage drinking water for dogs not drinking as they should such as senior.

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Made in the USA

The re-sealable bottle lets you give your pup a taste or a whole bowl – without an ounce of guilt about calories or unknown ingredients.

Our product testers LOVE Petrol fuel for dogs!

By: Petrol
Product weight: 12 oz.