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OptaGest Digestive Supplement
for Dogs & Cats

Supports Intestinal Balance and a Healthy Immune System

Your dog or cat's good health begins in the digestive system. OptaGest is a natural scientifically-based formula of Enzymes and PreBiotic that effectively fights stomach aches, diarrhea, gas & bad breath.

OptaGest is a complete digestive aid with high levels of active ingredients and NO inactive ingredients such as fillers, sugars or preservatives to further upset sensitive systems. The four plant-based enzymes help process fats, fiber, carbohydrates and protein, easing the burden placed on the digestive system. The PreBiotic, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), provides food for the native intestinal bacteria. Naturally occurring bacteria are an important GI system component in keeping your pet's digestive and immune systems healthy.

* 4 Plant Enzymes PLUS Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in clinically-tested levels.

* NO fillers such as lactose or grain to cause further digestive upset.

* Tasty, slightly sweet powder.

* 100% Guaranteed.

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Available in 3 Sizes:
- Starter Pack with 7 Stix - $ 6.95
- 100 gram Bottle - $18.95
- 300 gram Bottle - $38.95

OptaGest has no artificial flavors, only a naturally slightly sweet taste that pets enjoy. In taste test trials, dogs and cats equally found the flavor to be yummy. You (and your pet's) satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Made in the United States & all ingredients in OptaGest originate in the U.S.

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