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Moda Pet Bowls
3 Fun Styles & 11 Colors

Super stylish and highly functional, ModaPet bowls are as durable as they are appealing. Made with ABS polymer that is food grade and BPA free. The Base is a TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), similar to rubber but much sturdier to create an effective non-skid base.

* Perfect for serving Food or Water

* BPA Free

* Made from Food Grade Materials

* Dishwasher Safe

* Highly Durable

* Skid & Tip Resistant

* Fade Resistant

Available in 3 Styles:
Large Crock - 4 cup capacity - $23.95
Colors: Tango Yellow, Light Blue, & Greyhound Grey

Small Pedestal - 2 cup capacity - $13.95
Colors: Pink, Pesto Green, Lemon Yellow, Teal Blue, Azul Blue, & Tangerine Orange

Large Pedestal - 4 cup capacity - $23.95
Colors: Cinnamut Red, Sunflower Orange, True Blue, UltraViolet & Green

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A wonderful serving dish for both dogs & cats. Our customers have given amazing feedback on how useful, easy to use, and appealing the Moda Pet bowls are for their furry companions.

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