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Max Pack by Kurgo

Get active with Fido! This pack accommodates larger breeds and is great for hikes, walks and runs. The adjustable saddle bags on either side come complete with 2 different size pockets, allowing your dog to carry what they need on every adventure.

* One size adjusts to accommodate dogs from 50-110 lbs.

* Reflective trim strips.

* Chest and back padding.

* Two small outside pockets for easy access.

* Rear-mounted leash hook for added control, with integrated bottle opener.

* Unique ASB (Adjustable Saddle Bag) system achieves a customized fit.

* Water resistant.

Helpful Tips for Before you go:
- For regular walks, put a bottle of water in each side of the pack. It's a great work out.

- Your pup shouldn't carry more than 25% of their body weight. If they're new to packs, start light and gradually increase the weight.

- Dogs overheat before people do. Stay cool out there.

- Don't feed your pup right before or after a strenuous workout.

- This pack was created with larger dogs in mind.

The perfect accessory for fun hikes with your dog!

See the product listing for Wander Pack for the backpack for dogs weighing 35 to 80 lbs.

By: Kurgo
Product weight: 40 oz.