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Leash Mate
by Outward Hound

The Leash Mate combines form with function, with a two-part pouch system that attaches to a leash for easy transport of essential items. It allows you to easily remove 1 section of the pouch with your essentials and leave the smaller pick-up bag compartment on the leash for convenience and safety.

* Convenient dual-chamber construction, allows pick-up bags to stay with leash while large pouch can easily be removed from the leash to be transported with the owner.

* Separate pouch dispenser for pick-up bags.

* Easy-access zipper pockets for phone, keys and wallet.

* Multiple Velcro straps for attachment to leash.

* Reflective accents & bright colors for high visibility.

* Measures 9" x 6" x 2".

Available in 2 Colors:
Blue and Orange

A convenient, fun and easy way to take all your needed items with you & your dog on your daily walks!

NOTE: Out of stock of the color Blue

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