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Kronch Pemmikan

Are you seeking an energy booster for your dog for participating in agility or sporting events? Kronch Pemmikan fills your dog with energy and allows them to perform at a constant high level, all day long.

Kronch Pemmikan was developed in cooperation with the Sirius Patrol who was in need of a highly concentrated, yet compact source for energy to feed their sled dogs when on patrol in the arctic. After using Pemmikan it was found that the dog’s level of performance remained high all day long in demanding and/or stressful situations, such as on hunts, at exhibitions, and during tests.

* Kronch Pemmikan allows you to give your dog large amounts of easily digestible energy from a small volume of feed, without overfilling his or het stomach.

* Very suitable for agility, hunting, sleding & fly ball, especially in cold weather to guard against the impact of low temperatures.

* Also proved successful in overcoming & preventing the effects of;
- Hypoglycemia in dogs working under extreme conditions.
- Illness & operations and a dog's recovery time.
- Lactating females not producing enough milk & building up after a litter of puppies.
- Low body weight by fattening up skinny/emaciated dogs.
- It can also help to make dogs more alert.

* 400 g Bar.

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A super tasty supplement for your dog to improve energy and health!