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Hundur's Crunch Jerky Minis
100% Fish Treat

Hundur's Crunch Jerky Minis are a new Icelandic Fish line of treats. Your dog will LOVE the crunchy, pure, fresh fish taste. Jerky Minis are 100% Icelandic fish, NO added sugars, artificial preservatives, by-products, artificial colors, or protein-meals. Small squares, under 1", perfect for all size dogs.

* Only TWO ingredients, Cod Skin & Golden Redfish Skin.

* A healthy single-source protein treat.

* A natural source of Omegas 3 & 6.

* Grain-free, soy, wheat, corn, fillers & gluten free.

* Uniquely cooked to maintain maximum nutrition, never freeze-dried.

* Especially good for overweight dogs, dogs with skin issues, allergies, & food sensitivities due to naturally occurring Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

3.5 oz bag.

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Product of Ireland - Packaged in the USA

The hard-working Icelandic people have thrived harvesting from the rich stocks of fish in the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Icelandic man's "Best Friend" or "Hundur" to the locals has also thrived along the way enjoying a share of the Icelandic fish. Your Hundur will love these delicious, crunchy, & healthy treats just like his Icelandic brethren!