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H204K9 NEOSLING Bottle Holder
& H20K9 Bottle Combo Pack

The NEOSLING is a soft, comfortable bottle holder that is worn over the shoulder so you can take your favorite beverage anywhere, hands-free. The NEOSLING holds the H2OK9 Dog Water Bottle and all standard-sized reusable bottles, as well as sports drinks, soft drinks or other popular beverages.

* Adjustable Strap lets you wear the NEOSLING just as you like it.

* Insulating neoprene bottle holder keeps drinks cold for hours.

* Wide, soft neoprene strap allows for hours of comfortable wearing.

* Fits standard size water bottles & drinks.

* Constructed of durable neoprene.

Available in 6 Colors: - $11.95
Black, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, & Purple

NEOSLING & H204K9 Combo Pack - $25.95
Purchase the NEOSLING with a 25 oz H204K9 bottle and you will have all you need to easily carry your water & bowl together at a savings from buying separately.
Available in Green, Red, Blue, & Pink

The Neosling is the perfect add-on for the H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle or for carrying standard size beverages for you & your dog.

See separate product listing for the H204K9 Dog Water Bottles.

By: H204K9
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