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FurStatic Groom Broom
A revolutionary dual purpose cleaning and grooming broom that you can use to clean up pet hair from furniture & floors AND to groom your dog or cat. Made of a special type of rubber called TPR, these soft bristles generate an electrostatic charge that attracts pet hair.

* Great for cleaning and hair removal from carpets, upholstery, clothing, & autos.

* Works on a variety of surfaces; vinyl, hardwood, carpet, cement & tiles floors.

* Telescoping handle extends from 29" to 51".

* No harsh metal blades against your pet. Gently soothes & massages as it grooms.

* Rinse with soap & water and it's dishwasher safe.

The FurStatic bristles generate an electrostatic charge that grabs and lifts fine particles like powder, glass fragments, dirt, lint and most of all pet hair. Used properly the FurStatic Broom helps reduce airborne dust and hair.

Unlike other brooms the hygienic FurStatic Broom head can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with just soap and water - and it's dishwasher safe! Detach broom head and run through the dishwasher. Made of a specially formulated elastomer, Furstatic delivers clean long-lasting performance. It won't fray or wear out like old-fashioned brooms, and it bends but returns to shape.

Product weight: 16 oz.