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Fruitables Skinny Minis

Fruitables new Skinny Minis taste as good as they smell! Open a bag as you will enjoy the fantastic aroma & your pup will love the delicious flavor!

* Only 3.5 calories per treat.

* Soft & chewy.

* Perfect for training or small size pups.

* Gluten, wheat, corn & soy free.

Available in 5 delicious flavors:

Pumpkin & Mango - In Central & South America the dogs eagerly eat the Mangos as they fall off the tree. The Mango combined with pumpkin create a healthy Caribbean vacation in every bite.

Apple Bacon - Nothing creates a drooling frenzy like the smell & taste of fresh cooked bacon. Combined with apple & sweet potato these soft treats will create a chewy delight that is sure to please!

Pumpkin & Berry - The combined sweetness of harvest fresh pumpkin with the juicy flavor of blueberries creates a naturally soft treat that tastes & smells great!

Grilled Bison - The smell of a big thick bison steak grilling over an open flame will get your little carnivore's attention! A deliciously healthy treat!

Rotisserie Chicken - The smell & taste of slow-roasted chicken with its caramelized juices & tender texture is a favorite with all dogs!

Each 5 ounce bag contains about 100 treats

Made in the USA

Product weight: 5 oz.
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