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Fruitables Greek Yogurt Crunchers
Dog Treats - 3 delicious flavors

Yassou to the new Fruitables Greek Yogurt treats! With an amazing aroma, this recipe is made with fresh Greek Yogurt, pumpkin, and selection of strawberries, vanilla or coconut. Your dog will find these healthy, crunchy baked treats irresistible!

* Made with Caloriesmart Pumpkin Granola and real Greek Yogurt.

* Less than 9 calories per treat.

* Each resealable pouch contains about 90 treats.

* Each treat easily breaks in half or quarters.

Available in 3 Flavors:
Strawberry Yogurt
Vanilla Yogurt

Click More Details for nutritional information.

Made in the USA, with USA ingredients in an Organic Certified Bakery.

Watch out, the Fruitables difference is so creamy & so crunchy, your dog will be barking Opa!

Out of stock of Coconut flavor

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