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Floppy Fish Bone

With the new Loopies Floppy Fish Bones your dog can not only have some fishy fun playing & tugging, the fish is also a cooling toy. You soak it, freeze it, then let your dog chew it - Cool!!!! Great for puppies and small dogs too.

* Constructed with soft, durable fleece.

* Cross stitched and trim along the seams for extra durability.

* 1 squeaker inside for squeaky fun!

* Measures 9" long x 3" high.

* Soak in water then freeze for a cooling chew for your dog.

Available in 4 Colors:
Yellow, Red, Purple, & Green

Our product tester, Asher, loved his Floppy Fish Bone so much he took it with him for nap time...it cooled his puppy paws nicely after some fun play!

Product weight: 2 oz.
Color Choice*