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FitPAWS Targets

Target training games can be a fun and engaging way to teach your dog to:

* Step on a specific mark.

* Get used to a piece of new equipment.

* Stay in a particular place.

* Learn body awareness.

* Learn Conformation Stacking.

FitPAWS Targets are packaged with four flexible Targets (2 blue, 2 yellow) in the colors that dogs see best!

Each Target measures 10" diameter.

Targets feature anti-slip material and can be used underneath FitPAWS Paw Pods or on top of other FitPAWS Equipment when extra traction is desired.

Don't forget, FitPAWS Targets are tools, not toys! Put them away in a safe place, where your dog doesn't have access to them when you are finished training.

FitPaws Targets can be used in many different ways to help with training your dog. Only your imagination will limit you!