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Fido Naturals Super Breath Bone - Complete Dental Care

Fido Naturals Super Breath Bone is a complete dental care bone for your dog. These bones are pressure molded not baked. They taste great, are healthy and safely digest, unlike rawhide that have a risk of blockage.

* Unique design and chewy texture cleans dogs' teeth as they chew & helps freshen breath.

*Made with sea vegetables (kelp) that have real health advantages to reduce plaque & tartar.

* Sea vegetable acts as a building block for the enzymes which naturally fight the plaque found on dog's teeth.

* Enzymatic action is maximized when a dog is fed naturals once a day. Total treatment for white teeth and fresh breath is approximately 6 weeks.

* Eliminates bad breath problems.

Available in 3 Sizes:
Mini - 3.25" long
Small - 3.75" long
Large - 5.37" long

2 Quantities to Choose From:
1 - Mini - $ .75
1 - Small - $1.50
1 - Large - $2.25
20 - Mini Bones - $8
12 - Small Bones - $14
4 - Large Bones - $8

Please always supervise your pets so they do not gulp our treats without chewing them first. Proper size of treats depending on breed is recommended .

Made in the USA with USA ingredients

Click on More Details above for ingredient information

Your Dog will LOVE them!!

Also available, Fido Belly Bones with Probiotics - see product listing for more details.

Size & Quantity Choice*