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Earth Rated Poop Bags
Eco-Friendly Bags

PoopBags was created to help care for the environment and to make picking up poop a little more fun. The industry leader in terms of quality, strength, and affordability. They are bigger, thicker, & tougher than all bags on the market. Plus, they are totally leak-proof. Earth Rated looked at the littlest of details, as even the rolls' core & packaging is made from recycled content!

* Naturally scented with lavender - you won't mind holding on until properly disposed. Also available in unscented.

* Extra long measuring 9" x 11" so you or your sleeve won't make unwanted contact.

* Comes in convenient small rolls and easily fits into all standard dispensers.

* Just a few cents a scoop.

Available Products:
Green Travel Dispenser - $2.95
Holds a single roll & has a velcro strap to attach to your pants, belt or wrist and a clip to attach the filled bag on to. Refillable.

Single Roll - $1.49
with 15 bags per roll.

Box of 8 Rolls - $6.95
for a total of 120 bags

Value Pack - $12.95
Bulk box of 300 individual bags

A fantastic bag for scooping up even the largest of piles, that smells great & is friendly to our planet!

Our product testers LOVE this bag and dispenser!!!

Earth Rated is a Canadian company

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