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EZ Dog Pet Toothbrush

The EZDOG toothbrushes get the job done faster, easier and better. The three flexible and independent heads maintain the proper pressure on all surfaces of the tooth with every stroke. In addition to the standard top bristles, the two side bristles are at the proper 45 degree angle for thorough surface cleaning while the soft outer bristles massage and stimulate your pet's gums.

By running the brush over thinner and thicker parts of a finger, you can see the independent brushes in action! It also has a robust tongue cleaner at the bottom of the handle.

* Gentle Nylon Bristles.

* Brushes right every time with simple linear strokes.

* Comfortable ergonomic handle.

* Wards off bad breath, gum disease and other mouth infections.

Available in 2 Sizes:
- Small Breed
- Large Breed

3 Colors to Choose from:
Blue/Dark Blue - Purple/Blue - Orange/Yellow

EZ Dog Toothbrushes are the only pet toothbrush accepted by the American Dental Association and that have the injection handle.

Size, Color*