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EZDog Dog Rashie
A wonderful product to keep your fun-loving pooch protected from the heat, harmful UV rays and the environment with the NEW EzyDog Dog Rashie Vest. The Rashie is a protective shirt originally worn by surfers as protection against sunburn and heat rash while in the water. Now your dog can conquer the waves with the EzyDog Rashie Vest. Make sure your EzyDog is the coolest and safest dog on the beach.

The Rashie is also an excellent protective shirt for your dog to wear for protection from grass, weeds and to cover the skin and fur after surgery.

* Made from quality high visibility lycra for a stretch fit.

* Designed for all-day water use.

* Tested to provide 50+ UV protection.

Size Options: XS, S, M, L & XL
Size XS = 12" in length
Size S = 14" in length
Size M = 16" in length
Size L = 18.5" in length
Size XL = 20.5" in length

*Measure from your dog's neck to the base of his/her tail.

Protect you dog from harmful elements with the EZDog Rashie!

By: EZDog
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