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Custom Pet Portrait Doll
of YOUR Dog or Kitty

Let the fabulously talented artist, Aimee Ray, create a one of a kind doll version of your favorite furry friend! From photos of your pet Aimee will design and stitch up a plush doll for you to enjoy that looks similar to your dog or cat.

* A wonderful way to express the love of your dog or cat.

* Your doll also comes with an accessory, choose a crocheted scarf, felt flower pin or lace crown.

* Includes a hand painted portrait tag signed and dated on the back.

* Measures 8" tall.

* This unique pet portrait is the perfect gift for the pet, tattoo or doll lover in your life, there will never be another exactly the same.

* The dolls are also a wonderful way to commemorate an extra special pet that has passed on.

Upon purchase, the artist will be in contact with you to start your project. Please have photos of your pet ready to send her and any ideas you have to create your darling doll.

These plush dolls are works of art, entirely hand sewn. They are durable yet delicate and are not meant for very young children or rough play

Handmade in the USA