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Crumps' Sweet Potato Strips
2 flavors

Crumps' Sweet Potato Strips are a crunchy treat but can that can be broken smaller pieces which is fantastic for smaller breeds. The patented cooking process ensures that each strip is full of flavor and chewier than any other sweet potato treat on the market. Dogs just love them!

* A taste your dog will enjoy with no added preservatives or artificial colors.

* Grain free and limited ingredients.

* 5.6 oz re-closable bag

* High levels of antioxidants and other vitamins & minerals

Available in 2 Yummy Flavors:
- Sweet Potato & Cinnamon
- Sweet Potato & Cranberry

Click on More Details for nutritional information.

Made in Canada & all ingredients are sourced from Canada & the United States.

Because its a Crumps' Naturals product, rest assured that very few ingredients go into this product and they're ALL healthy!

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