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Critter Skinz
Stuffless Plush Toy

These adorable Critter Skinz are so life like they look as if they wandered straight out of the woods! Made from high quality, non-toxic fabric, your dog will have plenty of fun playtime with this toy. Not to mention, these toys are also great for cleaning your dog's teeth!

* Brings out your dogs natural hunting instinct with this realistic stuffing free toy.

* No stuffing in the body for your dog to rip out!

* Squeakers inside stimulate dog's interest.

* Cleans dog's teeth while they play.

* Meets or exceeds child toy safety standards.

Available in 3 Sizes:
Small - 14" long - $6.95
Medium - 18" Long - $8.95
Large - 24" long - $12.95

3 Different Styles:

We have received a lot of positive feed back from our customers about the Critter Skinz. Your dog will go crazy for this furry, fun toy!

NOTE: There is a very small amount of stuffing in the Critter's head.

Size & Style Choice*