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Cool Pet Pad

The pressure-activated Cool Pet Pad is a revolutionary self-cooling cushion that cools without refrigeration, electricity, water or maintenance. The Cool Pet Pad lasts for up to 3 hours and recharges itself automatically after 15-20 minutes of non-use. That's all there is to it! Also perfect for treatment of pain, swelling, discomfort & stress.

* Simply lay where your dog likes to relax and let the magic work!

* No water, refrigeration, or electricity needed.

* Cools & Soothes your dog.

* Crate compatible.

* Great for the car too!

* Helps dogs with heat stroke, hip pain, post surgery, etc. and seniors dogs.

You can super-cool your pad by putting it in the refrigerator or freezer and it will last up to 6 hours. Click on More Details for Pad Care instructions

Available in 5 Sizes:
Small - 11.8" x 15.7" for dogs under 20 lbs. - $24.95
Medium - 15.7" x 19.7" for dogs 20 to 40 lbs - $39.95
Medium/Large - 20" x 30" for dogs 30 to 50 lbs - $49.95
Large - 35" x 23.6" for dogs 40 to 80 lbs - $59.95
Extra Large - 45" x 27.5" for dogs 80+ lbs - $84.95

See the chart showing how the Cooling Pet Pad lowers your dog's body temperature.

Cool Pad Covers
The cooling pad cover is designed to protect the pad against dirt, your dog's paws, and scratches. It will also keep the pad clean and it's machine washable. The cover will not affect the performance of the cooling pad. It is specifically designed to be soft and comfortable while still allowing your dog's weight to activate the gel inside and cool him down.

Small Cover - $9.95
Medium Cover - $12.95
Medium/Large Cover - $14.95
Large Cover - $17.95
Extra Large Cover - $19.95

Covers available in light purple.

You will feel good knowing your dog is cooler on hot days, at dog events or in the car while using the cool pet pad and for those with medical conditions!

Size Choice & Covers*