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Bottle Tracker

A great way to recycle your water bottles and have fun with your dog! The 14" Bottle Tracker toy can be used for:
*An Interactive Toy that makes a fun noise
*Scent Recognition
*Search & Rescue Training
*Contra-band Training

To use:
-Insert a basic plastic bottle inside the Bottle Tracker.
-You may use the bottle empty or fill with ice or scenting materials and add a few holes to the bottle for the scent to escape.
-The bottle Tracker acts as a barrier between the scent and the toys inner surface.
-Seal the Velcro compartment to contain bottle.

Made from tough, pre-consumer recycled fire hose material, and a sewn in loop for tugging. Best if used outdoors or on washable surfaces.

Available in 4 Colors:
-Blue -Red -Orange -Yellow

Made in the USA

Product weight: 5 oz.
Color choice*