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Apollo's Fundraiser
for his Operation & Medical Care

Hello fellow Dog Lovers! Fun Time Dog Shop is reaching out to you to ask for your support for a very special dog who was recently found as a stray. Apollo is a young Norwegian Elkhound who was found in Ohio. He was taken in by a local rescue group who discovered he has severe hip dysplasia.

Apollo has been through so much during his 1st year of life. First, he was homeless and then was placed with a rescue group who fostered him. Next, he had surgery, however the operation for his condition was not complete. There was too much bone left resulting in the hip bones rubbing together and popping out of the socket. He was still in a considerable amount of pain and received no medical follow-up or proper post-op care. Last, it appears that Apollo lead a life of abuse. He has a horrible scar from possibly being burned along his spine. The one shining ray of light for him has been being adopted by a loving family who is doing all the right things for him. Apollo can now get the proper care he needs to lead a pain-free life and have mobility.

Two weeks ago Apollo's new family took him for his 2nd operation, a hip replacement surgery, to end his pain and improve his quality of life. During the operation the Doctor discovered Apollo's hip bones were as fragile as egg shells, therefore he did not qualify for a hip replacement. The surgeon recommended and performed FHO (femoral head osteotomy) surgery to relieve Apollo's pain and increase his activity level. The FHO surgery went very well.

Apollo is now receiving postoperative care including; hydrotherapy, laser therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. He will also need to continue taking several medications to aid him through the long recovery process. At a postoperative follow up visit, Apollo's Doctor was pleased that Apollo already wants to use his leg. This is the first step in regaining use of his leg and hip.

Fun Time Dog Shop is proud to have donated to Apollo's care and we hope that each of you who can, will too. Apollo's new family, the Garcar-Naypauer's are very committed to dear Apollo. Our heart goes out to them because we more than understand the worry they have for Apollo and the hardship they are making emotionally, physically, and financially. This was a major surgery that carries with it a huge after-care commitment and financial responsibility.

Please help Apollo live a better life and make a donation toward the costs of his surgery and rehabilitative medical care. The total costs are estimated to be around $6,000. The Garcar-Naypauer family is not in a position to pay for all of the treatments that are necessary. They so happy they have adopted Apollo and love him very much but they were unaware his first hip operation was not successful and would need to be repeated, in addition to the post-operative rehabilitative care.

A donation, no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated! You can make a donation in $1 increments below, simple increase the quantity from 1 to whatever amount you would like to give. 100% of your donation will go directly to Apollo less the credit card processing fee of 2.9%.

Apollo thanks you from the bottom of his heart for your support so he will be able to walk without pain and lead a more mobile and happier life.

NOTE: The shipping address you will complete at check-out is so Apollo can send you a Thank-you card. Your information will not be used for spam or be disclosed to any 3rd parties.

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Apollo's Fundraiser<br>for his Operation & Medical Care