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Amazing Apple Rings

Your dog will be over the moon happy with the tasty Healthy Dogma Apple Rings. An all-natural grain & gluten free soft treat that are great as a training treat or an anytime snack. The slices can easily be broken into smaller pieces to make a small treat.

* Apples help maintain a healthy heart and are low in calories.

* A great source of:
- Flavonoids
- Antioxidants
- Dietary fiber
- Vitamin C

* Grain & gluten free.

* 4 oz reclosable bag.

Made in Michigan & all ingredients are sourced in the USA.

When it comes to making healthy decisions about your dog's nutrition, make sure you pick a treat that has no additives or artificial fillers. Healthy Dogma products are made with all-natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals or residues.

Our Fun Time Dogs go crazy for these delicious, healthy treats!!

Product weight: 4 oz.