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Aikiou Junior

The Aikiou Junior is a wonderful puzzle and dish designed for all dog breeds. It slows down dogs that eat to fast thereby preventing digestive problems and providing an entertaining experience for your dog when filled with treats or cut up veggies or fruit. The Aikiou Junior also includes openings to insert treats which block the rotation of the wheel, making the fun last enen longer.

* Made from durable food grade plastic.

* Holds up to 2 cups of wet/dry food or treats.

* Anti-slip base.

* Measures 11" in diameter.

Available in 3 Color Combinations:
- Green & Brown
- Pink & Brown
- Blue & Brown

About Aikiou:
In nature, animals are forced to devote a large part of their days to hunting and foraging for their meals. Dogs in particular are adept at searching and snooping for their food. Their innate problem solving ability is often under exercised in domesticated life, and for some dogs, leads to unwanted behaviors around the home.
With this in mind, the Aikiou (IQ) bowl was developed. Food is hidden inside the bowls many compartments and is accessed by your dog as he or she spins the central wheel. Allowing your dog to exercise his or her problem solving instincts with the Aikiou bowl will be fun and rewarding for both you and your pet, and may deter unwanted behaviors such as unwanted chewing or the digging of holes in your back yard.

By: Aikiou
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