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AnimaTwists - 4 combinations of fun!

A new, fun & satisfying chew toy for your dog! You can mix & match the 4 different components to build your dog's favorite toy.

* A challenging chew for your dog to chomp!

* Constructed with durable plastic & rope.

* Fill with Himalayan Dog Chews or your favorite filling.

* Double locking mechanism to secure closed.

4 Different Combinations:

Classic Set - $18.99
5 pieces of AnimaTwists components - measures 10 in long. The longest combo of AnimaTwists. Includes the following interchangable pieces; half circle top, half circle bottom, rope bottom, Chew Decker & 1 Himalayan Dog Chew. Perfect for dogs 15 to 65 lbs.

Rope Kibbler - $8.79
Fill with your favorite kibble or spreadable treats to have fun kibble-style! Or use to help floss your dog's teeth the dental rope. Perfect for small dogs!

Chew Decker - $5.95
Use to combo between Toppers (the tops) and Cappers (the bottoms) on the our AnimaTwist play system. Add as many Chew Deckers as you want to make the toys as long as you need. For dogs 65+ lbs we recommend adding one or more Chew Deckers to the Classic Set

Himalayan Dog Chew - $11.79
Sized specifically for the AnimaTwist, 3.5" long, 2 piece refill.
Ingredients: yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice
Guaranteed Anaylsis: crude protein min 52.8%, crude fat min 0.9%, crude fiber max 0.0%, moisture max 10.2%, ash max 6.0%.

A great toy with a surprise inside, your dog will enjoy hours of yummy entertainment with the AnimaTwist!

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AnimaTwists - 4 combinations of fun!
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